• 15kV Wireless Electrical Fence Tester

    15kV Wireless Eectric Fence Tester with 6 levels of control.

    Simple to use and can be used on all electric fences.

    • Automatic ignition when approaching the fence.

    • Low voltage LED indicator.

    • Battery included.



  • Battery Charger

    Charmatic 12V floating battery charger
    Suitable for liquid lead acid batteries, sealed and gelled (WET, SLA, GEL, AGM and EFB) and lithium-Ion.
    2 charging speeds 1 A and 4 A with a very cold mode.
    Compatible with Start and Stop batteries.
    Desulfate and recover 12 V batteries.
    Ideal for winterizing batteries.
    LCD display with monitoring of voltage, current and percentage of charge.
    Compact. IP65 protection. Inverter technology.
    2 years warranty.
  • Easyroll 3 Reeler

    Compact, lightweight and easy to use hand reeler with built in plastic fixing hooks.

    Detachable spool and locking pin. We also supply spare spools.

    600m wire capacity

    Built in turning handle.

  • Easyroll 3 Spare Spool

    Easyroll 3 spare spool. 600m wire capacity.

  • Easystop Spring Gate Kit

    The kit contains a super handle, a 5m gate spring and two gate anchor insulators.

    At rest the spring length is 25 cm so helps to avoid discharging to ground when open.

    A practical kit with excellent performance and extremely visible. Slightly lighter design than the Super Spring Gate Kit.

  • Egg Insulators for High Tensile Wire – 10 Pack

    High quality Egg Insulators for line start, corners, ends and strain. Suitable for all wire and rope with 10 year guarantee. Composite base ensures excellent resistance. Bag of 10.

  • Egg Insulators for Rope and Polywire – 10 Pack

    Egg Insulators for line start, corners, ends and strain. Suitable for all polywires and rope. Bag of 10. For egg insulator suitable for high tensile wires see our “Egg Insulators for High Tensile Wire”.

  • Electric Fence Alarm

    Voltage detector to be put on the fence line.

    Red flash indicating low voltage.

    Green operation indicator every 30 seconds.

  • Electric Fence Cut off Switch

    A robust and simple electric fence switch ideal for isolating paddocks or secondary fences.

  • Electric Fence Insulator Spinner / Installer

    Multi purpose electric fence insulator spinner. Can be used with an electric or battery drill to easily screw electric wire insulators into posts in seconds.

    Saves huge amount of time and effort. Can also be used to remove insulators. Very simple but effective tool.

  • Electric Fence Insulators – 120 Pack

    Handy Bucket of 120 Insulators.

  • Electric Fence Insulators – 25 Pack

    25 pack of screw-in insulators.